Your cv which is the first document you would submit to a prospective employer and it would also be the first document they would peruse to make their observations about your suitability for one of their new jobs in their organization.

The cv that you submit has to be precise, concise, short and also provide the maximum information about you, with boring the reader. It should not be more than three A-4 size pages and must be clearly laid out.

When applying for vacancies you should have the necessary skills, pertaining to the jobs that are advertised, if not your cv would end up in the waste paper basket, and that would not serve your purpose of securing topjobs.

You should always be conscious that the cv you submit is your passport to securing and succeeding in top jobs. If you submit a cv which would give a good impression to the reader. You would be a few steps closer to secure the top jobs.

Most applicants with the average English language skills that are presently, the bane of our country would find it difficult to prepare an appropriate cv which would reciprocate a favourable response from a prospective employer.

English language presentation skills are paramount if you are to design and format the type of cv that would get the appropriate nod from the employer, and a call for an initial interview.

As mentioned above, your cv is the first line of introduction and you cannot afford to have English language mistakes in it, because if it is best jobs that you seek then your cv should be flawless.

Using proper and accepted English you could demonstrate your English language skills, as well as present yourself as not being a careless person, with a bad attitude. Mistakes in your cv could put off interviewers and you may not receive a call.

These are little things that prospective employers look for in the candidates who present themselves prior to making up their mind as to who would join their organization.

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